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I like you Lord Buddha. But I don’t like Buddhists. They’re so unlike like their Lord.

I’m so done with understanding my feelings. I’m so done with understanding the purpose of my life. I every time fail to understand why I do care about things that no one else does. I literally feel sick for nothing. And by ‘literally’ I mean absolutely damn bloody sick. The way I think over it seems to be the real problem. I need to know why I think like that. But I fail. It’s really been a Math exercise for my mind. Algebra! The more I think about it the more I get complicated.

I need to know why people hate Muslims. I need to know why they deny Halaal foods.  I need to know why they don’t shop at Muslim shops.

I live in a country where most of the population is Buddhists and I’m by birth a one of them. This country is expected to be the ONLY country the religion lasts forever. Yet again, this country is one of the 50 countries where a man should be ashamed to be born in. Yes, it means this land is one of the worst countries to live on this planet. (Sigh)

“Muslims are NOT accepted. The hell is down there for them.” That’s what people here think. The thought of abusing Muslims is carried by their gens. A child births with the superior ability to criticize the Islamic religion. Only a few changes when they grow.

We had a war which lasted for 30 years. A few years ago it ended and everyone thought ‘finally peace’. Is it really peace? Is it really independence? Today, this land seems to me like hurrying up to another war.

People don’t buy and eat Halaal foods because lately they knew the taxes are gone high. They refuse shopping at Muslim shops ‘cause by doing that they help Muslims to live. Today I sat in my classroom knowing the work needed to be done. Soon I heard few girls chatting and it was the above topic. They spoke with real anger, agony and envy. All they ever wanted was Muslims to die. I could’ve would’ve joined them but they spoke with no basics, not knowing the roots.  They didn’t speak for Buddhism or Buddhists. They did it for a tuition master (a teacher) who probably shouldn’t have been ended up being a teacher. 

William Arthur Ward once said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” This country really lacks some great teachers. 

Does someone become a teacher only by the books he’s done? Is he a teacher if he asks Muslim children to not come to his classes? Is he a teacher if he says his students to refuse Halaal? Isn’t he spreading racism? Isn’t it all the same blood we share? Weren’t we born HUMAN before being Buddhists, Hindus, Catholics or even Muslims?

I have some close friendships with Muslim people in real life. My first friend even was a Muslim. I know and interact with a lot of Muslims online. But I never found the terrorism you see in their eyes. I’ve found the aggressiveness they have but in a very sweet way. I found them as some brothers and sisters whom I can have a conversation to dress me up with a smile.

No religion on earth ever said to abuse others. No religious leader ever needed other religions to snuff out. I don’t know why but by hearing people criticizing them hurt my feelings to the core. The whole country is complied by a big lie. People are blind. They need to come out the myths and all but they never will. Only if you can seek in to brains and read minds, you’d know the hatred filled in their bodies. Unimaginable though easily happening!

All I ever need is my motherland to be a freeland where people can worship whatever the religion they adore without bumps and shockings. But day by day, life is here is literally turning in to a rollercoaster.



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I like you Lord Buddha. But I don’t like Buddhists. They’re so unlike like their Lord., posted January 31st, 2013

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